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Journeyman Distillery is one of few certified organic distilleries in the United States, providing all organic spirits produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetically modified organisms. Distilled on-site, Evil Czech Brewery & Journeyman Distillery are proud partners committed to providing users with a grain to glass experience paired with savory ingredients to deliver a taste unmatched by other distilleries.



made exclusively with journeyman's spirits
GOLD RUSH                                                                8
featherbone bourbon, pear spice simple syrup, pear juice, lemon juice
HELENA                                                                       8
last feather rye whiskey, pumpkin purée, maple simple syrup, lemon juice, hot water
BLACK VELVET .                                                          9
buggy whip wheat whiskey, muddled griotte cherries, cherry simple syrup, cream soda
THE BARRY                                                                 9
red arrow vodka, snaggle tooth coffee liqueur, chocolate hazelnut simple syrup, heavy cream
BURNING DESIRE                                                        9
featherbone bourbon, clementine wedges, hop bitters, habanero honey simple syrup, griotte cherries

EVIL MARY                                                                            8

red arrow vodka or humdinger jalapeno spirit, bloody mary mix
EVIL CZICH                                                                           8
red arrow vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, orange simple syrup
SOLACE                                                                                8
bilberry black hearts gin, lemon juice, grapefruit simple syrup
HEAVY GLOOM                                                                    8
roads end rum, apple cider, lemon juice, brown simple syrup
REINDEER MULE*                                                                 8
buggy whip wheat whiskey, lime juice, cranberry cinnamon simple syrup, ginger beer
THE FEUD                                                                           9
silvercross whiskey, honey sage simple syrup, lime juice,
lemon juice