Ceviche Tacos

There’s nothing like a day on the beach in Mexico, cold beer, warm sunshine, and fresh seafood. Mexico is a country with over 5,000 miles of coast line, and there is almost no location in the country that is over a day’s drive from the beach. There is no more perfect expression of sunshine and seafood than ceviche. One bite, and you will be transported miles away to a beach with sand between your toes.

Winter has official broken, and we are well on our way to hot, sun filled summer days. Chef is turning out some great mahi mahi Ceviche this week in celebration of winter’s departure. Taking this great, sashimi quality mahi mahi, chef has treated it in a Peruvian style “aguachile” or chili water. The acidity of the lime juice “cooks” the fish while imparting the amazing clean crisp flavors of Serrano chili’s fresh chopped onion, and cilantro. Once the mahi has marinated, it is spooned into our taco shell, however chef has packed a new twist this week. Instead of lacing it with aged cheddar cheese, he has made a smooth, rich, and creamy blend of tomatillos and avocados. This blend in sandwiched between a flour and corn tortilla, completing the classic ECB taco presentation. This tacos would not be complete without the addition of the fresh bright flavors of tomato, a fresh squeeze of lime, and some chopped cilantro tossed together to make a simple tomato salsa.

This chef inspired taco is sure to please anyone looking to celebrate the seasonal reprieve from the oppressive grip of a bitter winter. Come toast the change with your favorite ECB brew poured cold from our taps and the clean crisp refreshing bite of the chef inspired Ceviche Taco!

Ostrich Au Poivre Tacos

For centuries, humans around the world have enjoyed well-seasoned and prepared meat; this is a secret to no one. With new technological advances in the kitchen, many chefs have been enamored with the newly opened doors of culinary opportunity, which has left a void for classically prepared dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries. The classic French preparation of steak au poivre is one such preparation.

Steak au Poivre is a classic preparation in which one will pepper crust a steak and then cook in a searing hot pan until medium rare. This steak is classical served with peppercorn and cognac cream sauce which is created by de glazing the same pan used to sear the meat. Finish the dish off with your favorite form of potato and vegetable, how could you go wrong? This week, chef is paying homage to this classic form of preparation, but putting some of his own twists into this classic for this week’s Chef Inspired Taco.

The classic preparation calls for a lean and tender piece of beef, usually a fillet mignon or a strip steak, however chef had something else in mind. Keeping in line with the theme that has been developing over the past few months, chef turned to an alternative, high quality, and delicious protein, Ostrich. Ostrich is prized for its amazing meat quality, texture, and is naturally lean. These natural qualities lend ostrich meat perfectly to the classic steak au poivre preparation. Chef has rubbed the ostrich fillets with fresh cracked black and green peppercorns and seared these beautiful pieces of lean succulent meat to perfection.

Chef turned his attention to the sauce next. Classically prepared with cognac, cream, and Dijon mustard, chef took these elements individually and transformed their classic flavors into ECB’s classic taco preparation. Instead of melting aged cheddar between the taco shells, chef has whipped bourbon with cream cheese to emulate the elements of cream and cognac. Breaking out a little bit of technology, chef created a foam of Dijon mustard, herbs, and cream to complete the classic flavor profile of the steak au poivre. Top this taco off with freshly fried tobacco road onions and some fresh parsley and the Ostrich au Poivre is complete!

Camel Tacos

Camel: Next to its nearly endless list of uses in daily middle-eastern life, camel meat is a prized delicacy. It is surprisingly sweet in flavor and resembles that of lamb. Its texture is similar to that of lamb and beef. It is commonly served at weddings due to its status as a delicacy.

Harissa: A classic Tunisian blend of peppers andspices that packs a punch of heat married with a myriad of spices classic to the famous Middle Eastern spice markets. In our version, we have combined the great chili flavors of the Mexican pantry, with the traditional Tunisian spices, creating a beautiful marriage of two great food cultures.

Feta: A wonderfully briny flavored sheep's milk cheese. It usually has a crumbly texture, however, we’ve whipped it to provide a velvety smooth texture while maintaining its great flavor.

Moroccan Tomato Salad: Every great food culture seems to have their own version of a tomato salad paired with local flavors/spices. The Moroccans are no exception, highlighting notes of parsley, cumin, and coriander with the acidity of the tomatoes and a tang from the vinegar.

Chile Rellenos Tacos

It starts with classic green chile stuffed with savory pork belly and shredded queso chihuahua. Chef then batters and fries them until they are encased by a golden brown pillow of deliciousness. We took the traditional roasted and dried chili aspect of chiles en nogada and combined that with the more traditional fresh tomato sauce for chile rellenos. This taco is then topped off with an infusion of lime and cilantro whipped into sour cream.

Fried Guac Tacos


Taking the elements of our customary taco, with the two tortillas married together with hot cheese. we decided to encompass these well known textural components into the taco without being classically ECB. In doing so, we decided to warm the fresh flour tortilla, fill it with the fried guacamole, and top with a healthy dollop of our house made IPA Cheese Sauce. Cabbage tossed with lime, rice wine and honey and topped with the traditional mexican condiment, "salsa bandera" or flag salsa is then added to finish off this one of a kind taco. 

We have taken something classically wonderful, guacamole, and taken it to the next level with our fried guac.