Al Pastor means, “shepherd style”, and is one of the greatest examples of indigenous food fusion. Lebanese immigrants arrived in Mexico, bringing with them, spit roasted lamb. The spit roasting of lamb, eventually translated itself into a spit roasted pork, as pork is more of an indigenous ingredient to the Mexican kitchen. What happened next was truly seemingly natural stroke of genius. Take spit roasted pork, then add the rich flavor combinations of the Mexican pantry. Now you have something truly out of this world.

The flavors of salty and fatty pork combined with roasted chilies and sweet pineapple are heavenly, but add the crisp bite of fresh onion, bright flavors of a fresh salsa verde, counter with a swath of the warm, deep earthy tastes of a red dried chili salsa, and finish with the bright acidity of a fresh squeezed lime. This taco represents a food marriage in a monumental example of fusion. Like the greatest fireworks finale you’ve ever witnessed, but happening in your mouth as this flavor bomb explodes in wave, after wave of flavorful euphoria.