Camel: Next to its nearly endless list of uses in daily middle-eastern life, camel meat is a prized delicacy. It is surprisingly sweet in flavor and resembles that of lamb. Its texture is similar to that of lamb and beef. It is commonly served at weddings due to its status as a delicacy.

Harissa: A classic Tunisian blend of peppers andspices that packs a punch of heat married with a myriad of spices classic to the famous Middle Eastern spice markets. In our version, we have combined the great chili flavors of the Mexican pantry, with the traditional Tunisian spices, creating a beautiful marriage of two great food cultures.

Feta: A wonderfully briny flavored sheep's milk cheese. It usually has a crumbly texture, however, we’ve whipped it to provide a velvety smooth texture while maintaining its great flavor.

Moroccan Tomato Salad: Every great food culture seems to have their own version of a tomato salad paired with local flavors/spices. The Moroccans are no exception, highlighting notes of parsley, cumin, and coriander with the acidity of the tomatoes and a tang from the vinegar.