For those of you wondering, this weeks chef inspired taco is one that focuses on power and restraint.

Fire, arguably one of the most powerful forces one can face. However, harnessing this powerful force and its energy can lead to some amazing things. Especially when one can utilize not just the direct heat, but also the smoke produced, and utilize that in the execution of a dish.

Spice, or heat, from peppers can be extremely overwhelming to even the most experienced diner. Understanding capsaicin and how it interacts with ones body when ingested is vital. If properly educated, one can provoke some truly out of this world tastes and eating experiences. 

Salt, not necessarily considered powerful, that is until one remembers, before refrigeration, meats and fish were preserved with salt curing. A technique powerful enough to make storage of food possible for weeks beyond it uncured expiration date without the need for modern refrigeration. Not only was salt used to cure meats to preserve them, but it also changed the chemical structure of the proteins and ultimately their tastes. 

Sugar, just mentioning the word conjures up images of the gluttonous consumption of sweet treats and deserts. However, this ingredient is commonly misunderstood and has extremely powerful tendencies. If you doubt this, research the 2008 Georgia Sugar Refinery Explosion, in which the ignition of sugar particles floating in the air, caused an explosive chain reaction which had catastrophic consequences. That being said, its use has been widely explored in the culinary world, leading to an entire culinary profession dedicated to its use in pastries and deserts. When used in large quantities, one can produce some of the worlds sweetest confections, but when used in a precise amount in balance with all of the other elements in a dish, it can lend that missing element that ultimately elevates something good to phenomenal.

Fat, not just a necessary part of the human diet, but also a very desired component for ones palate. Fats help by transporting fat soluble vitamins, contain essential fatty acids, and help ward of disease by storing unwanted chemicals in fat cells, but fat carries flavor over ones palate and allows for nasal olfaction. Fat carries not only to the taste receptors in your mouth, but also to the back of your throat which allows for nasal olfaction, or the act of tasting through ones sense of smell while chewing.

Combining all of these powerful ingredients could lead to disastrous results, that is unless one demonstrates knowledge and can exercise restraint. This weeks taco demonstrates knowledge of ingredients and the restraint in their uses.

Chef's Smoked Salmon tacos are truly a testament to an exercise of power and restraint. Come enjoy these tacos with us this evening!