Chef's find themselves inspired by many different things. Whether it be an ingredient, season, memory, or mantra. You name it, the inspirations are endless for a chef. One of those inspirations can be the idea of creating a dish that is designed to pay homage to another chef and their passions and innovations. This weeks Chef Inspired Taco draws inspiration from chef's desire to pay homage to a chef deserving of respect and recognition for his works in the gastronomic world. That chef being, Enrique Olvera, proprietor and chef of Pujol, in Mexico City.


    Enrique Olvera, can be quoted as saying the following, “In Mexico we grow up eating mole, it is central to Mexican cuisine. If you are celebrating something, you are eating mole.” Going further, Olvera states, “Mole is chaos! There are ingredients from almost everywhere in the world, and when you put them together, it makes sense. They become Mexican, for some magical reason. I think that summarizes Mexico.” Pujol was rated the 16th Best Restaurant in the World, by San Pellegrino in their annual publication of "World’s 50 Best Restaurants" in the year 2015.


    Olvera’s signature dish at Pujol, is a dish he has dubbed, “Mole Madre” in which he continuously adds to the previous days mole with his preparation of the mole he prepared that day. He has been building his Mole Madre for well over three years now. Yes, for those of you quick with math, that means since the original mole, Olvera has served over one thousand ninety-five variations of the original mole. He has stated that there is without a doubt over one hundred different ingredients in the mole he is serving today at Pujol. Olvera is revolutionizing the modern gastronomic landscape of the Mexican cuisine. This revolution is based in embracing the historical backbone of the cuisine and elevating it to new levels, as he has done with his Mole Madre, taking the pinnacle of Mexican cuisine, the traditional mole, and elevated it even further, making it more complicated than almost any other mother cuisines' sauces. For these reasons, along with the fact that mole, when executed correctly, is quite possibly, one of the most complex and greatest things one will ever put in their mouth, chef has been inspired to base this week’s Chef Inspired Taco on a traditional Mole Poblano.


    There are hundreds of variations of mole recipes, varying in spices, colors, and presentation. It seems as though for every person growing up in Mexico, there is a different version of mole that can be prepared. That being said, there is not one Mole more classic than the deep, dark, and luscious flavors of a Mole Poblano with its glistening smooth shine shimmering light back at the diner while encompassing that beautifully succulent piece of chicken that was slowly roasted oven an open fire. Pollo en Mole is quite possibly the most classic presentation and preparation of this amazingly complex sauce. For this reason, chef has decided not to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak, but rather, let the history and this classic preparation introduce and speak for itself to all of the ECB diners.


    Without waxing on too romantically about this sauce, chef wants to leave you with a simple list of elements that make up this week’s Chef Inspired Taco. Chef wants the ECB diner to enjoy the "chaos", by letting these elements and the dynamics of their interactions with one another speak for themselves. This week’s taco features achiote rubbed chicken cooked in a rotisserie over an open flame, classic mole poblano, chopped onion, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds, house made crema Mexicana.


¡Buen provecho!