Chipotle mushroom, Shiitake, oyster, cremini mushrooms sautéed with mojo de ajo, chipotle and cilantro then topped with a whipped truffle goat cheese and fresh baby arugula.

This week’s taco, much like the others, comes with a story. This week however, the story is not one of ancient spice trades, culinary fusion, or any of the other stories chef is fond of telling. This one starts two weeks ago, chef happened to be away from the restaurant, which has happened believe it or not, while he was away, he was approached by ECB loyalists. He happened to be wearing some ECBmerch and thus a conversation started.

Without immediately revealing what he did for a living, chef held a conversation about ECB and this couples feelings toward his food. They happened to stumble into a conversation about tacos, and the chef inspired taco none the less, which lead him to find out, this particular couple loved ECB and were regular guests, however they missed having the FunGuy Taco. Chef found this interesting and was committed to giving them a vegetarian mushroom taco that would fool even the most seasoned veg-heads into thinking they may be eating meat. Thus, the Masquerading Mushroom Taco was born, mushrooms masquerading as meat!

With our house blend of gourmet mushrooms, sautéed in an amazingly sensual bath of garlic and olive oil, finished with chipotle peppers and fresh cilantro, this blend will lead anyone to do a double take. Top this mind perplexing blend of mushrooms with fresh baby arugula tossed in lime juice, all of which is inside the classic ECB taco shells. This week, ECB’s double taco shell is held together with a whipped truffle goat cheese. This is a taco meat lovers and veg-heads can unit under! For today only, partake in this wonderful mushroom masquerade!