For centuries, humans around the world have enjoyed well-seasoned and prepared meat; this is a secret to no one. With new technological advances in the kitchen, many chefs have been enamored with the newly opened doors of culinary opportunity, which has left a void for classically prepared dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries. The classic French preparation of steak au poivre is one such preparation.

Steak au Poivre is a classic preparation in which one will pepper crust a steak and then cook in a searing hot pan until medium rare. This steak is classical served with peppercorn and cognac cream sauce which is created by de glazing the same pan used to sear the meat. Finish the dish off with your favorite form of potato and vegetable, how could you go wrong? This week, chef is paying homage to this classic form of preparation, but putting some of his own twists into this classic for this week’s Chef Inspired Taco.

The classic preparation calls for a lean and tender piece of beef, usually a fillet mignon or a strip steak, however chef had something else in mind. Keeping in line with the theme that has been developing over the past few months, chef turned to an alternative, high quality, and delicious protein, Ostrich. Ostrich is prized for its amazing meat quality, texture, and is naturally lean. These natural qualities lend ostrich meat perfectly to the classic steak au poivre preparation. Chef has rubbed the ostrich fillets with fresh cracked black and green peppercorns and seared these beautiful pieces of lean succulent meat to perfection.

Chef turned his attention to the sauce next. Classically prepared with cognac, cream, and Dijon mustard, chef took these elements individually and transformed their classic flavors into ECB’s classic taco preparation. Instead of melting aged cheddar between the taco shells, chef has whipped bourbon with cream cheese to emulate the elements of cream and cognac. Breaking out a little bit of technology, chef created a foam of Dijon mustard, herbs, and cream to complete the classic flavor profile of the steak au poivre. Top this taco off with freshly fried tobacco road onions and some fresh parsley and the Ostrich au Poivre is complete!