This week's Chef Inspired Taco is one that draws inspiration from chef's playful side. Playful meaning, taking a traditional taco, isolating the individual ingredients, recognizing the individual qualities they bring to a dish, and then focusing on how they interconnect with one another. This seems the basis of building a dish, and one would be right in this assumption, however, the playful part is about to be revealed...

Chef has taken our Al Pastor taco and turned it on its head! Tonight we are featuring the Pineapple Taco! It being summer time, chef has been looking forward to and planning for this taco since last December. He needed to plan since last December, as he wanted to produce as many elements as possible for this taco in house. That meant, house curing the amazing back fat from the grass fed pigs he has been fabricating for Evil Czech and Corndance Tavern. These grass fed beauties have had amazing husbandry from a local farm in Cassopolis, Michigan.

Chef cured the fat back in the traditional Italian Lardo style and uncovered these beauties after their long winters rest last week. Needless to say, he is eager to share this amazing product and couldn't think of a better way to do so than be playful with it. 

In our traditional style, we roasted the pineapple in their skins to intensify the natural sweetness. Chef has then placed them on the grill to allow for those sugars to caramelize and intensify the sweetness that much more. The deep rich flavors produced by caramelized natural sugar would pair beautifully with the salt richness of the cured back fat.

Taking these two elements and combining them with the smokey and spicy flavors of the roasted chile's in the house made salsa roja and the roasted tomatillo and serrano chile salsa verede. Combine the fresh crisp bite of the cilantro and crunch of fresh diced onion, are the only natural components that could pair with these elements in a harmonious marriage of spicy, sweet, and savory.

Keeping in the tradition of ECB, chef has kept the dual shell style, however has chosen to highlight the unctuous and rich texture of our house made guacamole.